Closet Raider

Tea Collection Cape Lily Dress, purchased at Dawn Price Baby, Head Dress Silk Headband found in Mommy's closet (similar scarf headbands here).
While I was busy packing school lunches yesterday morning, Ms. T decided to peruse my closet.  And this is what she found: an old silk headband, probably ca. 2003.  She insisted on wearing it. To school.  She chose to style it with her new Tea dress.  I relented because, truth be told, it actually looked pretty darn cute on her. Probably better than it ever did on me!

Does your Mini Me raid your closet?  Borrow bling from your jewelry box?  Teeter around the house in your Jimmy Choos? Or do you remember raiding your Mom's closet when you were little?  Well, then, don't be shy! Tell us about it.  Leave a comment below.


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