The Dynamic Duo

Tired of the constant battles and tearful pleas during bath time brushing?  Always late for school due to tangled hair tantrums?  Here comes the Knot Genie to the rescue!  

Believe me, I was skeptical in the beginning.  But after testing out this detangling brush for the past two weeks, I can attest that it is pretty awesome.  No more fussing, whining, or fighting!   Made for all hair types, it can be used wet or dry.  Although the company recommends not using it on curly hair that is dry, I still use it on Ms. T's curly mop in the mornings.  I just make sure to liberally apply detangling spray.  

And speaking of detangling sprays, we have tried the gamut from five and dime to fancy salon products and we keep coming back to Suave Kids Twirlin' Swirlberry Detangler.  It works quickly, smells pretty and doesn't weigh down Ms. T's hair.  And since we use it at least once a day, you can't beat the bargain price.  I have picked it up for as little as $1.98 at Target on a recent trip.  You can even buy it in pack of 6 at Amazon (here).  

You can purchase the Knot Genie locally at The Purple Goose or online.  I promise you it is well worth it.  Brushing is now a breeze.

Are there other kid beauty products that your family can't live without?  Tell us in the comments section!


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