Party Animal

Yesterday it was my other baby's birthday.  The Notorious P.U.G., Mr. Buster, turned ONE! We couldn't let the day go by without celebrating our beloved pup.  We hit up our favorite shop, Metro Mutts, and purchased some goodies.  Ms. T insisted that Buster needed to have the flower "boutonniere" for his harness (I don't think Buster agrees that tough guys DO wear flowers).  I even baked some "pupcakes" (recipe here) for him.  I wish I could have captured the shot of him eating his cake. He inhaled it in two bites.

The photo montage above is a year in the life of this hyper and pugnacious, but incredibly sweet and lovable, ball of fur (did I mention lots and lots of fur?).  It's been a crazy and fun year. I just need to remember to keep my good shoes hidden away. Oh, and Barbie dolls too!


Unknown said...

So cute! I love pugs.

Shopaholic Undercover

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