We Heart Hearts

Hearts are big in our home.  And not just for Valentine's Day. 

I have heard rumors that certain somebodies don't believe in the idea of Valentine's Day. Seriously? My thought is any holiday that gives us an excuse to eat candy for a day (or two) is one to celebrate and enjoy.  Plus, it's a moment to express your love and affection for the special people in your life, big and small.  Especially the smalls.  

So I've rounded up a few ideas.  Hearts to eat, hearts to wear and hearts to make.  Even one heart that you could make, wear and eat!

To Eat: Conversation Sweetheart CandiesHeart-Shaped Junior Mints, and Valentine Dots Candy all from Paper Source.

To Wear: Crewcuts Girl's Paillette Heart Tee, Gap Kids Intarsia Hat & Mitten Set, Crewcuts Boy's Heartbreaker Tee.

To Make: Marshmallow Candy Necklace from Cute Food for Kids, Crazy Crayons from Martha Stewart (kid-tested by Ms. T here!), Felt Candy Hearts from Purl Bee.


Tiffany Yang said...

Thank you so much for including my candy necklace ^,^

Melissa said...

Heart shaped Junior Mints?!?! I must find these!!! And the candy necklace is adorable.

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