Reflections & Resolutions 

Dress: Ooh! La, La! 'Wow Dream' Dress. Vest: Mud Pie Baby Leopard Faux Fur Vest (purchased at The Purple Goose). 
Boots: Nordstrom 'Cassidy' Faux Leather Boot.  Headband: Gap Kids. Yamaha Guitar.
We are now into one week of 2013, so how are those resolutions working out?  This year I chose not to rush in to declaring what mine would be.  Let's face it, everyone has heard the "lose five pounds, get organized, eat more veggies!" resolutions.  I decided to reflect on how 2012 turned out first.  

2012 was my mid-life crisis year. I vowed to figure out "what am I going to do with the rest of my life?".  I'll admit that I'm not sure I figured it out completely.  But (big  BUT), I did make some progress and stepped a bit out of my comfort zone.  First, I took up a new hobby, Pottery, which I have always wanted to try.  Secondly, I started a new project, this blog (HUGE leap out of my comfort zone!).  So I would coin 2012 as my year of change. Change is good, right?

You are probably wondering what the above images have to do with resolutions.  I recently took these photos of Ms. T in the outfit her uncle sent her for Christmas.  He also generously gave her the guitar too since she has expressed interest in playing.  Looking at these photos, I realized how I wanted my upcoming year to reflect the fun, daring, carefreeness that my daughter always exhibits. Thus, I have chosen to take a cue from Ms. T and that 2013 will be my "colorful" year.  No more black or grey in my closet (I swear!). I declare to wear more color, to take more fashion risks, and add some fun to my wardrobe (but I'm still not buying into those Anthropologie Overalls!).  More importantly though, I want to be more colorful in spirit; brighter, bolder and joyful in life!

Have you made any interesting resolutions for 2013?  We would love to hear them!  Please share in the comments section below.


Melissa said...

Cute outfit, Ms. T! I have so many resolutions . . . here's hoping I can stick to them.

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