Color My World

Taking a little fashion detour to blog about a fun project Ms. T and I did last year.  As you know, Valentine's Day will be sneaking up on us shortly and if you are looking for an eco-friendly (and dentist-friendly!) cute gift, these crazy crayon hearts are sure to please.  

We followed these instructions from that maven of craftiness, Martha!  The project was fairly easy and, as you can see above, Ms. T really dove into the work of chopping up all of those crayons (Phew! that was a bit more labor-intensive than originally thought).  You can use any size or shape tin but we used a heart silicone mould I found at Hill's Kitchen. After baking, we packaged them up in clear treat bags and labeled them with a note saying, "You color my world!".  

Is there something special you do to celebrate your loved ones on V day?  Please share and leave a comment below!


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