'Twas the night before Christmas, ...

Pajamagram "Chill Out" Pajamas
the children were nestled all snug in their beds, all decked out with matching Christmas pajamas and Santa caps on their heads.  

Yep, we are one of THOSE families!  A holiday tradition that my kids love is to open new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  And in the past, I have been known to purchase matching Christmas pjs for them.  Now I know that some families view this as silly.  But, my kids absolutely adore this tradition and actually wear their holiday jammies year round! 

Now I will admit, we are not a family which the whole gang wears matching pajamas (not that there is anything wrong with that!).  Moreover, we do not usually dress our pets. However, that being said, I am seriously considering getting the matching jammies for our pooch, Buster.  He is our new addition to the family this year and why shouldn't he have some fun too. Right?!  

All kidding aside though, my favorite place to buy holiday pajamas is Pajamagram.  They sell cute designs (without being too cheesy) and they come shipped in fun keepsake packages, like a puppy house for the toddler sizes.  You can even get them personalized.   They also have Chanukah Pj sets available.

In the spirit of our tradition, I have rounded up some other pajama gift ideas for the whole family below.

Top left, clockwise:

1. For that new Christmas bebe', 100% cotton baby long johns from Red Envelope.  Too cute for words and you can get the bum flap personalized with "Baby's First Christmas"!

2. Ms. T loves to wear nightgowns now that she is a bit older.  Last year for Christmas I bought her a similar peignoir set from Laura Dare and it has become her favorite.  This sweet pink Laura Dare set is available at CWDkids.  There is also a matching doll gown for your little girl's baby doll.

3. Flannel Grinch Pajamas from Pottery Barn Kids.  Who could be grinchy in the morning with these cozy pjs on?

4. Pajamas for the whole crew, even the cat!  "Let it Snow" Pajamas from Pajamagram.

Does your family celebrate a similar holiday tradition?  If so, we would love to hear it.  Drop me a note in the comments section.  


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