A relaxing Sunday afternoon frolicking at Canal Park's Splash area.  

Pink flamingo snazzy suit courtesy of Target.  Looks just like a Lilly but for a quarter of the price.  Perfect!

Summer, Summer, Summertime

1. POP! Tee by Appaman (old but similar here and fun one here), 2. Striped Skirt by Pink Chicken (old but very similar one here), 3. Sun-San Saltwater Sandals bought at The Purple Goose.

Time to sit back and unwind....

This song is playing over and over in my head.  Summer is almost here.  My kiddos have just a little over 2 weeks left until summer break.   And I'm not sure who is more excited, them or me!  You may have noticed that things have been bit quiet over here on hopscotch's playground. With baseball doubleheaders, ballet recitals, and the dreaded exam for my licensing (eek!), there has been little time leftover for fashion chit chat.  However, this outfit Ms. T is sporting has me buzzing with excitement for summer fun!

16 more days and then it is two months of glorious sun, heat, pool, beach, sundresses, flip flops, home-made ice cream, fresh tomatoes, blueberries, yummy cocktails and beach-y reads. Yippee! I love, love, love summer.  What are you looking forward to?

No Party Poopers Here!

Headed to the beach or pool this summer with your bebe's? Well, you don't want to be THAT parent who closes down the pool for a lil' "accident", so make sure your bag is stocked with these adorable swim diapers from The Honest Co.

The Honest Co. was co-founded by Jessica Alba and offers baby products that are safe, eco-friendly, stylish and affordable.  They offer regular diaper service where you select your favorite patterned diapers and they ship them directly to your door!  Plus, they have created a line of bath and body products for your baby that are natural and non-toxic.  But what caught my eye were these swim diapers.  Not only are they cute and stylish (love the whale pattern!) but they are re-usuable. Extra points for being a friend to the environment too!

Moody Blues...

And "tickled pink" or "green with envy".  Yes, retro mood jewelry is back in style!  Or perhaps, it never really went out of style.  In any case, Ms. T's favorite new accessory is her mood bracelet.  I picked hers up on a whim at one of our favorite boutiques, The Purple Goose.  She has been fascinated with it since day one and has finally committed to memory what each color's mood is (blue is actually calm, green is sensitive, etc...).  It also has caused quite the stir in her classroom with her fellow girlfriends.  So much so, that we headed back to the store this past weekend to pick up extras for upcoming birthday parties. The bracelets come in three designs; heart, star and flower blossom.  The girls LOVE them.  I think they are pretty groovy too!

DVF  GapKids

1. Romper in Egyptian Turquoise, 2. Bathing suit in Pixie Dust Pink, 3. Diaper Bag4. Wrap Dress in DVF's signature heart print, 5. Baby 3-piece Set, 6. Baby Espadrilles, 7. Colorblock Sandals in Pixie Dust Pink, 8. Wrap Dress in Lush Green, 9. Zebra Tee, 10. Printed Shorts in Multi Floral.

Last week DVF's second collaboration with GapKids hit the stores.  Designed for girls newborn to 14 years old, the new Explorers Collection was inspired by African exotic patterns and wild animal prints.  The collection comprises of her iconic wrap dresses, flirty rompers, fun graphic tees to pair with skinny jeans and even a diaper bag for the Mommy-to-be.  What I love most is that the girl wrap dresses include a matching pair of knit shorts; perfect for when they are monkeying around on the playground!  The wrap dresses would also make a smart choice for a graduation party or spring wedding.  

And should you wish to be as stylish as your little fashionista, a similar limited edition wrap dress is available here.  Like mother, like daughter!

Closet Raider

Tea Collection Cape Lily Dress, purchased at Dawn Price Baby, Head Dress Silk Headband found in Mommy's closet (similar scarf headbands here).
While I was busy packing school lunches yesterday morning, Ms. T decided to peruse my closet.  And this is what she found: an old silk headband, probably ca. 2003.  She insisted on wearing it. To school.  She chose to style it with her new Tea dress.  I relented because, truth be told, it actually looked pretty darn cute on her. Probably better than it ever did on me!

Does your Mini Me raid your closet?  Borrow bling from your jewelry box?  Teeter around the house in your Jimmy Choos? Or do you remember raiding your Mom's closet when you were little?  Well, then, don't be shy! Tell us about it.  Leave a comment below.


I saw these adorable onesies and tees on Daily Candy today.  Designed by BioME 5, these certified organic shirts are adorned with a modern take on the traditional animal alphabet. Perfect for a baby shower or a birthday gift.  They even make tees for grown-up animal lovers too.  

If you are looking for other ecofriendly finds, check out the favorites at Daily Candy.